Update No. 48

Note to subscribers for the amendments to the rules governing the listing of securities on the Growth Enterprise Market (the "GEM Listing Rules")

Update No. 48

March 2014

Dear Sirs,

Amendments to the GEM Listing Rules relating to headline categories

We enclose reprinted pages of the GEM Listing Rules and the filing instructions. The reprinted pages incorporate amendments to certain headline categories.

We have replaced the headline categories "Overseas Regulatory Announcement" and "Other" with the following headline categories:

•  Other — Business Update
•  Other — Corporate Governance Related Matters
•  Other — Litigation
•  Other — Miscellaneous
•  Other — Trading Update
•  Overseas Regulatory Announcement — Board/Supervisory Board Resolutions
•  Overseas Regulatory Announcement — Business Update
•  Overseas Regulatory Announcement — Corporate Governance Related Matters
•  Overseas Regulatory Announcement — Issue of Securities and Related Matters
•  Overseas Regulatory Announcement — Other
•  Overseas Regulatory Announcement — Trading Update

We have also introduced a new headline category under "Corporate Positions and Committees/Corporate Changes":

•  Change in Share Registrar/Transfer Agent

Coming into effect

The amendments will come into effect on 1 April 2014.

Please click HEREHERE to see the amendments to the GEM Listing Rules relating to new headline categories.

Yours faithfully,

For and on behalf of
The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited

David Graham
Chief Regulatory Officer and Head of Listing