Unless otherwise directed by the Exchange, an issuer that successfully transfers from GEM to the Main Board under this Chapter need not comply with the continuing obligations under Chapter 3, 3A, 4, 13, 14, 14A or 17 to the extent:—

(1) of any continuing obligation under an Exchange Listing Rule which is equivalent or comparable to a continuing obligation under a GEM Listing Rule, where the Exchange has previously granted a waiver to the issuer in respect of such obligation and there has been no change in the relevant facts or circumstances; or
(2) that any such obligation has ceased by virtue of shareholders' approvals or independent shareholders' approvals (as applicable) having been obtained by the issuer while it was listed on GEM for the relevant transaction(s) or corporate activity(ies).

The effect of the waivers or shareholders' approvals shall continue for the purpose of continuing obligations until its original expiry date since grant, notwithstanding the transfer from GEM to the Main Board.