In the event of any failure to adhere to the requirements of this Chapter as determined by the Exchange, the Exchange may, as it considers necessary for the protection of the investors or the maintenance of an orderly market and in addition to any other action that the Exchange considers appropriate under the rules, exercise absolute discretion to:
(1)    direct a trading halt or suspend dealings of any securities of the issuer or cancel the listing of any securities of the issuer as set out in rule 6.01;
(2)    impose the disciplinary sanctions set out in rule 2A.10 against the parties set out in rule 2A.09;
(3)    withhold:
(a)    approval for an application for the listing of securities; and/or
(b)    clearance for the issuance of a circular to the issuer's shareholders
unless and until all necessary steps have been taken to address the non-compliance as directed by the Exchange to its satisfaction.