This Chapter sets out the basic conditions which have to be met as a pre-requisite to the listing of equity securities. They apply to every method of listing and to both new applicants and listed issuers (including listed issuers that are treated as new applicants under other applicable provisions of the Exchange Listing Rules) except where otherwise stated.
Further conditions are set out in Chapters 8A, 18, 18A, 18B, 19, 19A, 19B and 19C for issuers seeking a listing of equity securities under those chapters. For a transfer of listing from GEM, the requirements of this Chapter are applied with modifications as set out in the rules and regulations under Chapter 9A for that purpose. Issuers are reminded:—
(1)    that these requirements are not exhaustive and that the Exchange may impose additional requirements in a particular case; and
(2) that the Exchange retains an absolute discretion to accept or reject applications for listing (including application for transfer of listing from GEM to the Main Board) and that compliance with the relevant conditions may not of itself ensure an applicant's suitability for listing.
Prospective issuers, and in particular new applicants, are therefore encouraged to contact the Exchange to seek informal and confidential guidance as to the eligibility of a proposed issue for listing at the earliest possible opportunity.