This Chapter sets out the detailed requirements for accountants' reports on the profits and losses, assets and liabilities of, and other financial information on, an issuer and/or a business or company, to be acquired or disposed of (as the case may be) by an issuer for inclusion in listing documents or circulars. Accountants' reports are required to be included in the following listing documents and circulars:—

(1) a listing document issued by a new applicant, but subject to rule 14.11(6) relating to a listing document supporting an introduction;
(2) a listing document issued by a listed issuer in connection with an offer of securities to the public for subscription or purchase which is required by either section 38(1) or section 342(1) of the Companies (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance to set out the reports specified in Part II of the Third Schedule to that Ordinance; and
(3) a circular issued in connection with a major transaction, a very substantial acquisition, an extreme transaction or a reverse takeover (see rules 19.67 and 19.69) unless the company being acquired is itself a company listed on GEM or the Main Board.

Note: By virtue of rules 11.11 and 27.07, the accountants' report required to be included in the listing document of a new applicant must cover the requisite financial period ending not more than 6 months before the date of the listing document.