The issuer must appoint as its company secretary an individual who, by virtue of his academic or professional qualifications or relevant experience, is, in the opinion of the Exchange, capable of discharging the functions of company secretary.
Notes:  1    The Exchange considers the following academic or professional qualifications to be acceptable:
(a)    a Member of The Hong Kong Chartered Governance Institute;
(b)    a solicitor or barrister (as defined in the Legal Practitioners Ordinance); and
(c)    a certified public accountant (as defined in the Professional Accountants Ordinance).
  2    In assessing "relevant experience", the Exchange will consider the individual's:
(a)    length of employment with the issuer and other issuers and the roles he played;
(b)    familiarity with the GEM Listing Rules and other relevant law and regulations including the Securities and Futures Ordinance, Companies Ordinance, Companies (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance, and the Takeovers Code;
(c)    relevant training taken and/or to be taken in addition to the minimum requirement under rule 5.15; and
(d)    professional qualifications in other jurisdictions.