A new applicant must ensure that at least one overall coordinator it appoints in connection with a placing involving bookbuilding activities (as defined under the Code of Conduct) of a New Listing fulfils the following criteria:
(1) it (or one of the companies within its group of companies) is also appointed as a sponsor independent of the new applicant, in accordance with rules 3A.02 and 3A.07; and
(2) both appointments are made at the same time and no less than 2 months before the submission (or re-filing, as the case may be) of the listing application to the Exchange.
Note: For the avoidance of doubt, where the term of the engagement of a sponsor-overall coordinator by a new applicant is renewed immediately after expiry upon or after the lapse of a listing application, the new applicant may re-file its listing application with the Exchange notwithstanding that the renewal takes place less than 2 months before the re-filing of the listing application, provided that such sponsor-overall coordinator was appointed by the new applicant at least 2 months before the submission of its initial listing application.