The listed issuer must include in its annual report a summary of each share option scheme approved by its shareholders setting out:

(1) the purpose of the scheme;
(2) the participants of the scheme;
(3) the total number of securities available for issue under the scheme together with the percentage of the issued shares that it represents as at the date of the annual report;
(4) the maximum entitlement of each participant under the scheme;
(5) the period within which the securities must be taken up under an option;
(6) the minimum period, if any, for which an option must be held before it can be exercised;
(7) the amount, if any, payable on application or acceptance of the option and the period within which payments or calls must or may be made or loans for such purposes must be repaid;
(8) the basis of determining the exercise price; and
(9) the remaining life of the scheme.