Any listing document, circular or announcement issued by an issuer pursuant to the GEM Listing Rules is required to contain a statement of responsibility and confirmation on the part of the directors of the issuer in the following form:—

"This [document], for which the directors of the issuer collectively and individually accept full responsibility, includes particulars given in compliance with the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on the GEM of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited for the purpose of giving information with regard to the issuer. The directors, having made all reasonable enquiries, confirm that to the best of their knowledge and belief the information contained in this [document] is accurate and complete in all material respects and not misleading or deceptive, and there are no other matters the omission of which would make any statement herein or this document misleading."


1 In cases where the directors of the issuer are responsible for part of a listing document, circular or announcement, the directors of another company being responsible for the remainder, the statement must be appropriately adapted. In exceptional cases, the Exchange may require other persons to give, or join in, the statement, in which case the statement must also be appropriately adapted.
2 Announcements required to be issued pursuant to rule 9.11 ("holding" announcements issued in connection with a resumption of trading in an issuer's securities), 17.11 or 31.05 (announcements issued in response to enquiries by the Exchange) need not comply with this rule, as they have their own prescribed form of statements of responsibility.
3 All the directors of the issuer must, so far as reasonably practicable, participate in approving the form of any announcement to be published by the issuer, such that each accepts the responsibility and is able to provide the confirmation required pursuant to this rule. In exceptional circumstances, such as an issuer being required to publish an urgent announcement, it shall be permissible to exclude from the statement of responsibility and confirmation those directors with whom it has not been possible to communicate prior to publishing the announcement.