The circular or notice to be sent to shareholders convening the requisite meeting under rule 21.02 must include at least the following information:—

(1) the maximum number of securities which could be issued on exercise of the warrants;
(2) the period during which the warrants may be exercised and the date when this right commences;
(3) the amount payable on the exercise of the warrants;
(4) the arrangements for transfer or transmission of the warrants;
(5) the rights of the holders on the liquidation of the issuer;
(6) the arrangements for the variation in the subscription or purchase price or number of securities to take account of alterations to the share capital of the issuer;
(7) the rights (if any) of the holders to participate in any distributions and/or offers of further securities made by the issuer; and
(8) a summary of any other material terms of the warrants.