An announcement of a connected transaction must contain at least:

(1) the information set out in rules 19.58 to 19.60 (contents of announcements for notifiable transactions);
(1A) the identities and a description of the principal business activities of the parties to the transaction and of their ultimate beneficial owner(s);
(2) the connected relationship between the parties to the transaction, and the connected person's interests in the transaction;
(3) the independent non-executive directors' views on the matters set out in rules 20.38(1) to (3) if no shareholders' approval is required;
(4) if the transaction is a continuing connected transaction, the basis for calculating the payments to be made (see rule 20.49) and the amount of its cap. If a circular is not required, the listed issuer must also disclose how it determines and calculates the cap, including the assumptions and the amounts of previous transactions which form the basis of the cap;
(5) if the transaction involves the listed issuer's group acquiring assets from a connected person, the original acquisition cost of the assets to the connected person;
(6) if the transaction involves the listed issuer's group disposing of assets which it has held for 12 months or less, the original acquisition cost of the assets to the listed issuer's group;
(7) if the announcement contains a profit forecast of the listed issuer's group or a company which is, or will become, the listed issuer's subsidiary, the information set out in rule 19.62 (requirements for profit forecast in notifiable transaction announcement);
(8) if no circular is required, a statement whether any directors of the listed issuer have a material interest in the transaction and, if so, whether they have abstained from voting on the board resolution;
(9) a statement that the transaction is subject to shareholders' approval, if applicable;
(10) if the transaction is, or will be, approved by way of shareholders' written approval, details of the shareholders giving the approval (including their names and shareholdings in the listed issuer) and the relationship between the shareholders; and
(11) if a circular is required, the expected date of distribution of the circular, and, if this is more than 15 business days after the publication of the announcement, the reasons why this is so.