Update Number Effective Date
Update No. 74 01/01/2023 Amendments to GEM Listing Rules to implement the new trading fee structure
Update No. 73 01/10/2022 (effective date of housekeeping amendment)

01/01/2023 (effective date of amendments relating to share schemes)
Amendments to GEM Listing Rules relating to Share Schemes of Listed Issuers and Housekeeping Rule Amendment
Update No. 72 28/05/2022 (effective date of housekeeping amendments reflecting the Main Board and GEM websites unification only);

05/08/2022 (effective date of all remaining amendments)
Amendments to GEM Listing Rules on bookbuilding and placing activities in equity capital market transactions and sponsor coupling to complement the new provisions of the Code of Conduct for Persons Licensed by or Registered with the Securities and Futures Commission; and Housekeeping amendments to GEM Listing Rules