Update Number Effective Date

Update No. 98 15/12/2010 Acceptance of Mainland Accounting and Auditing Standards and Mainland Audit Firms for Mainland Incorporated Companies Listed in Hong Kong
Update No. 96 03/06/2010 Connected Transactions, Requirements for Listed Issuers' Circulars and Listing Documents and Mineral Companies
Update No. 95 01/02/2010 The Consultation Conclusions on Proposals to Accelerate Rights Issues and Open Offers
Update No. 94 01/01/2010 Phase 2 of New Post-vetting Regime
Update No. 89 Annual accounting periods ending on or after 31/12/2010 and half-year accounting periods on or after 30/06/2010 Shortening the time allowed for half-year and annual reporting by Main Board issuers