This section contains extracts of Listing Division's letters to issuers, interpreting the Listing Rules on specific listing matters.

Rejection Letter (RL) – This series comprises a selection of letters explaining the Division's rejection of specific listing applications.

No Further Disciplinary Action (Guidance) Letter (LEGL) - This series comprises a selection of letters issued following investigation of suspected breaches of the Rules and where the Division decided not to pursue disciplinary action. The letters communicate the Division's interpretation or expectations as to the conduct of an issuer and its directors and are now published for general guidance and to promote transparency about the disposal of potential disciplinary matters.

Please visit Archive to view marked-up versions and versions that have been superseded or withdrawn.

Date (mm/yyyy) Reference Number Particulars Listing Rules Document Type Content Category
12/2004 RL3-04 A Main Board listing applicant failing to satisfy the profit requirements of Rule 8.05

(Withdrawn in April 2019)
Rule 8.05 Rejection Letter New Applicants