Part B of Appendix 1 is further supplemented by adding below paragraph 43 thereof, but before the Notes thereto, the following new caption heading and new paragraphs 44 and 47: 
"Additional information on PRC issuers
44.    Where a public or private issue or placing of securities of the PRC issuer other than H shares is being made simultaneously with the issue of H shares in Hong Kong or is proposed to be made prior to the end of three months after the issue of the listing document in Hong Kong:—
  (1) information concerning such securities and such issue or placing, including the information described in paragraphs 6, 10, 11, 12, 14 and 17;
  (2) a statement of whether or not the issue in Hong Kong is conditional (in whole or in part) on such issue or placing of securities, and if not conditional, a description of the effect on the PRC issuer's future plans, prospects and financial condition (including profit forecast, if any) as a result of such issue or placing of securities not being completed in the manner described in the listing document;
  (3) if such securities are not admitted for listing on any stock exchange, a statement of whether there is (or is proposed to be) trading or dealing in such securities on any other authorised trading facility such as the Securities Trading Automated Quotation System (証券交易自動報價系統) in the PRC;
  (4) a breakdown of the PRC issuer's shares issued or proposed to be issued; and
  (5)    information concerning each legal person or individual expected to hold domestic shares or foreign shares other than H shares constituting 10% or more of the existing issued share capital of the PRC issuer upon the completion of such issue or placing of domestic shares or foreign shares other than H shares, and the number of domestic shares or foreign shares other than H shares to be held by each such legal person or individual.
45. [Repealed 3 June 2010]
46. [Repealed 3 June 2010]
47. In an appropriately prominent place and manner in the listing document, the statements by the acquirer of shares required to be in a PRC issuer's listing document pursuant to rule 19A.52.
48. [Repealed 3 June 2010]
49. [Repealed 3 June 2010]
50. [Repealed 3 June 2010]