The annual accounts must be audited by a person, firm or company who must be a practising accountant of good standing. Such person, firm or company must also be independent of the PRC issuer to the same extent as that required of an auditor under the Companies Ordinance and in accordance with the requirements on independence issued by the International Federation of Accountants and, if the PRC issuer's primary listing is or is to be on the Exchange, must be:
(1)    qualified under the PAO for appointment as an auditor of a company and a Registered PIE Auditor under the FRCO; or
(2) an overseas firm of practising accountants that is a Recognised PIE Auditor of that issuer under the FRCO; or
(3) [Repealed 1 January 2022]
(4) under the mutual recognition agreement, a PRC firm of practising accountants which has been approved by the China Ministry of Finance and the China Securities Regulatory Commission as being suitable to act as an auditor or a reporting accountant for a PRC incorporated company listed in Hong Kong and is a Recognised PIE Auditor under section 20ZT of the FRCO on the condition that the PRC issuer has adopted CASBE for the preparation of its annual financial statements.
  1.    In relation to an application for the recognition of an overseas firm of practising accountants under the FRCO, on a request made by a PRC issuer, the Exchange may provide a statement of no objection to that issuer for appointing an overseas firm of practising accountants to carry out a PIE Engagement for that issuer under section 20ZF(2)(a) of the FRCO (see note 2 to rule 4.03(1)).
  2. The mutual recognition agreement referred to in (4) above means the agreement between the Mainland of China and Hong Kong in 2009 for mutual recognition of qualified auditors from either jurisdiction (home jurisdiction) to act as auditors of corporations incorporated in the home jurisdiction and listed in the other jurisdiction.