(1) References to "ordinary resolution" in (a), (b) and (c) of rule 10.06(1) shall mean, for a PRC issuer, the special resolutions of shareholders in general meetings and of holders of domestic shares and foreign shares (and, if applicable, H shares) at separate meetings of such holders conducted in accordance with such issuer's articles of association for approving share repurchases.
(2) For a PRC issuer, (vii) of rule 10.06(1)(b) is restated in its entirety as follows:—
(vii) a statement as to the consequences of any purchases which will arise under either or both of the Takeovers Code and any similar applicable law of which the directors are aware, if any;
(3) For a PRC issuer, the reference to "10 per cent. of the existing issued share capital of the issuer" in (i) of rule 10.06(1)(c) is amended to mean "10 per cent. of the total amount of existing issued H shares of the PRC issuer".