In addition to the information set out in rule 19.58, the announcement of a discloseable transaction, major transaction, very substantial disposal, very substantial acquisition, extreme transaction or reverse takeover must contain at least brief details of the following:—

(1) the general nature of the transaction including, where the transaction involves securities, details of any restrictions which apply to the subsequent sale of such securities;
(2) brief details of the asset(s) being acquired or disposed of, including the name of any company or business or the actual assets or properties where relevant and, if the assets include securities, the name and general description of the activities of the company in which the securities are or were held;
(3) in the case of a disposal:—
(a) details of the gain or loss expected to accrue to the listed issuer and the basis for calculating this gain or loss. Where the listed issuer expects to recognise in its income statement a gain or loss different from the disclosed gain or loss, the reason for the difference must be explained. The gain or loss is to be calculated by reference to the carrying value of the assets in the accounts; and
(b) the intended application of the sale proceeds;
(4) if the transaction involves an issue of securities for which listing will be sought, the announcement must also include:
(a) a statement that the announcement appears for information purposes only and does not constitute an invitation or offer to acquire, purchase or subscribe for the securities; and
(b) a statement that application has been or will be made to the Exchange for the listing of and permission to deal in the securities;
(5) where the transaction is a major transaction approved or to be approved by way of written shareholders' approval from a shareholder or a closely allied group of shareholders pursuant to rule 19.44, details of the shareholder or the closely allied group of shareholders (as the case may be), including the name of the shareholder(s), the number of securities held by each such shareholder and the relationship between the shareholders;
(6) if the transaction involves a disposal of an interest in a subsidiary by a listed issuer, a declaration as to whether the subsidiary will continue to be a subsidiary of the listed issuer following the transaction; and
(7) in the case of a major transaction, a very substantial disposal, a very substantial acquisition or a reverse takeover, the expected date of despatch of the circular and if this is more than 15 business days after the publication of the announcement, the reasons why this is so.

Note: If there is expected to be delay in despatch of the circular, the listed issuer must as soon as practicable publish a further announcement in accordance with rule 19.36A.