The listing document issued for the De-SPAC Transaction must contain:
(1)    all the information required for a new listing applicant by these rules;
(2) the information required by rules 14.63 and 14.69 for a reverse takeover;
(3) prominent disclosure of the potential dilution effect of the De-SPAC Transaction (whether resulting from the conversion or exercise of the Promoter Shares, Promoter Warrants and SPAC Warrants, any earn-out rights referred to in Note 1 to rule 18B.29(1) or any other securities issued as part of the De-SPAC Transaction) to the number and value of the holdings of non-redeeming SPAC shareholders;
(4) the identities of, the amount of investment by, and any other material terms of the investment committed by third party investors to complete the De-SPAC Transaction; and
(5) how the Successor Company proposes to provide liquidity in the trading of the warrants following the listing of the Successor Company.