The preliminary announcements of results for the half-year, preliminary announcements of results for the financial year, half-year reports and annual reports of a listed issuer must include the disclosures required under the relevant accounting standards adopted and contain the information set out below in respect of the group. This information may be included in the notes to the financial statements. In the case of banking companies, the information on results and financial position set out in the Guideline on the Application of the Banking (Disclosure) Rules issued by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority must be provided in place of that set out in rules 18.50B(1) and 18.50B(2).

(1) Statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income
(a) profit (or loss) on sale of properties;
(2) Statement of financial position, if applicable:
(a) ageing analysis of accounts receivable; and
(b) ageing analysis of accounts payable;
Note: The ageing analysis should normally be presented on the basis of the date of the relevant invoice or demand note and categorised into time-bands based on analysis used by an issuer's management to monitor the issuer's financial position. The basis on which the ageing analysis is presented should be disclosed.
(3) Dividends

Rates of dividend paid or proposed on each class of shares (with particulars of each such class) and amounts absorbed thereby (or an appropriate negative statement).

1 Where the items of information specified in this rule are unsuited to the listed issuer's activities, appropriate adaptations should be made. Where the requirements of this rule are unsuited to the listed issuer's activities or circumstances, the Exchange may require suitable adaptations to be made.
2 The Exchange may authorise the omission from the preliminary announcement of any information if it considers:—
(a) such omission to be necessary or appropriate; or
(b) disclosure of such information would be contrary to the public interest or seriously detrimental to the issuer,

provided that such omission would not be likely to mislead the public with regard to facts and circumstances, knowledge of which is essential for the assessment of the securities in question.
3 The issuer or its representatives will be responsible for the correctness and relevance of the facts on which any application for an exemption under Note 2 above is based.