Particulars of any purchase, sale or redemption by the listed issuer, or any of its subsidiaries, of its listed securities during the financial year (analysed on a monthly basis), or an appropriate negative statement. Such statement must include the aggregate price paid or received by the listed issuer for such purchases, sales or redemptions and should distinguish between those securities purchased or sold:—

(1) on the Exchange;
(2) on another stock exchange;
(3) by private arrangement; and
(4) by way of a general offer; and

any such statement must also distinguish between those listed securities which are purchased by the listed issuer (separately distinguishing those shares which are cancelled and those which are held as treasury stock, if applicable) and those which are purchased by a subsidiary of the listed issuer. The directors' report shall contain references to the purchases made during the year and the directors' reasons for making such purchases (see rule 13.13(2)).