The issuer must:

(1) afford any independent financial adviser it appoints pursuant to rule 17.47(6)(b) or rule 24.05(6)(a)(ii) full access at all times to all persons, premises and documents relevant to the independent financial adviser's performance of its duties as set out in the GEM Listing Rules. In particular, terms of engagement with experts retained to perform services related to the transaction should contain clauses entitling the independent financial adviser access to:
(a) any such expert;
(b) the expert's reports, draft reports (both written and oral), and terms of engagement;
(c) information provided to or relied on by the expert;
(d) information provided by the expert to the Exchange or Commission; and
(e) all other correspondence exchanged between the issuer or its agents and the expert or between the expert, the issuer and the Exchange or Commission;
Note: The Exchange expects that access to documents for the purposes of this rule would include the right to take copies of the documents without charge.
(2) keep the independent financial adviser it appoints informed of any material change to any information previously given to or accessed by the independent financial adviser pursuant to paragraph (1) above; and
(3) provide to or procure for the independent financial adviser all necessary consents to the provision of the information referred to in paragraphs (1) and (2) above to the independent financial adviser.