Parties that are required to abstain from voting in favour at the general meeting pursuant to rules 9.20(1), 9.21, 10.29(1), 10.29A, 10.39(1), 10.39A, 17.42A(1), 17.42A(2), 19.89(2), 19.90(1), 23.04(1) may vote against the resolution at the general meeting of an issuer provided that their intention to do so has been stated in the relevant listing document or circular to shareholders. Any such party may change his mind as to whether to abstain or vote against the resolution, in which case the issuer must, if it becomes aware of the change before the date of the general meeting, immediately despatch a circular to its shareholders or publish an announcement notifying its shareholders of the change and, if known, the reason for such change. Where the circular is despatched or the announcement is published less than 10 business days before the date originally scheduled for the general meeting, the meeting must be adjourned before considering the relevant resolution to a date that is at least 10 business days from the date of despatch or publication by the chairman or, if that is not permitted by the issuer's constitutional documents, by resolution to that effect.