An issuer shall publish an announcement on being informed of, or on otherwise becoming aware of, any matter referred to in rule 13.19 concerning the pledging or charging of any interests in the securities of the issuer by any controlling shareholder. In these circumstances, the information to be announced is as follows:—

(1) the number and class of securities being pledged or charged;
(2) the purpose for which the pledge or charge is made;
(3) any other relevant details; and
(4) in the event that the pledgee or chargee has disposed of or intends to dispose of any securities, details of the same, including the number of securities affected or to be affected.

1 Pursuant to rule 17.23, where any obligation arises under rule 17.43, the requisite disclosure made pursuant to this rule should also be included in subsequent half-year, quarterly and annual reports of the issuer for so long as the circumstances giving rise to the obligation continue to exist, provided that such disclosure shall not be required after the expiry of the periods referred to in rule 13.16A.
2 The disclosure obligations set out in this rule are separate from the disclosure obligations arising from the pledging or charging of securities by the controlling shareholder of the issuer to secure debts of the issuer or to secure guarantees or other obligations of the issuer, which are dealt with in rules 17.19 and 17.23.