An issuer shall, in relation to each new issue of securities reported in the next day disclosure return under rule 17.27A and the monthly return under rule 17.27B, confirm that (where applicable):

(1) the issue of securities has been duly authorised by its board of directors;
(2) all money due to the listed issuer in respect of the issue of securities has been received by it;
(3) all pre-conditions for listing imposed by the Rules under “Qualification of listing” have been fulfilled;
(4) all (if any) conditions contained in the formal letter granting listing of and permission to deal in the securities have been fulfilled;
(5) all the securities of each class are in all respects identical;
Note: “Identical” means in this context:
(a) the securities are of the same nominal value with the same amount called up or paid up;
(b) they are entitled to dividend/interest at the same rate and for the same period, so that at the next ensuing distribution, the dividend/interest payable per unit will amount to exactly the same sum (gross and net); and
(c) they carry the same rights as to unrestricted transfer, attendance and voting at meetings and rank pari passu in all other respects.
(6) all documents required by the Companies (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance to be filed with the Registrar of Companies have been duly filed and that compliance has been made with all other legal requirements;
(7) all the definitive documents of title have been delivered/are ready to be delivered/are being prepared and will be delivered in accordance with the terms of issue;
(8) completion has taken place of the purchase by the issuer of all property shown in the listing document to have been purchased or agreed to be purchased by it and the purchase consideration for all such property has been duly satisfied; and
(9) the trust deed/deed poll relating to the debenture, loan stock, notes or bonds has been completed and executed, and particulars thereof, if so required by law, have been filed with the Registrar of Companies.