A formal announcement must include at least the following:
(1)    the full name and country of incorporation or other establishment of the issuer (and the guarantor, if any);
(2)    the nature, amount and title of the structured products for which listing is sought (Note);
Note:  The description of the structured product must indicate the nature of the product as follows:
  (a) type (e.g. call, put or other)
  (b) single or basket
  (c) style (e.g. American, European or other)
  (d) underlying
  (e) settlement method.
(3)    the date of publication of the announcement;
(4)    a statement that the formal announcement appears for information purposes only and does not constitute an invitation or offer to acquire, purchase or subscribe for the structured products;
(5)    a disclaimer statement as follows ("prescribed form"):

"Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited and The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited take no responsibility for the contents of this announcement, make no representation as to its accuracy or completeness and expressly disclaim any liability whatsoever for any loss howsoever arising from or in reliance upon the whole or any part of the contents of this announcement.";
(6)    where the structured products are to be settled wholly in cash:-
  (a) details of the formula for calculating the cash settlement amount; and
  (b) a statement that the products will be automatically settled on the expiry date or maturity date without the need for holders of the products to deliver a notice of exercise;
(7)    a summary of the terms of the structured product including (where applicable) the issue price, the strike price or level, the exercise period or date and the expiry or maturity date;
(8)    for derivative warrants, the implied volatility, gearing, effective gearing and premium of the product with a note indicating that these values may not be comparable to similar information provided by other issuers. For Equity Linked Instruments, yield of the Equity Linked Instrument or other relevant information as the Exchange shall require. For other structured products, such information as the Exchange shall require;
(9)    a statement whether the issuer (and the guarantor, if any) is regulated by a body specified in rule 15A.13(2), (3) or (4);
(10)    in the case of a guaranteed issue, a statement that the obligations of the issuer are unconditionally and irrevocably guaranteed by the guarantor;
(11)    where applicable, a statement that the structured products constitute general unsecured obligations of the issuer (and the guarantor, if any);
(12)    a statement that application has been made to the Exchange for listing of and permission to deal in the structured products and the expected date of commencement of dealings in the structured products;
(13)    the web site at which the listing document will be available to the public;
(14)    if applicable, the name of the sponsor/manager, distributor(s) or placing agent(s);
(15)    if applicable, the credit rating of the issuer (and the guarantor, if any);
(16)    the name and broker number of the Liquidity Provider appointed to provide liquidity for the structured product;
(17)    the method (i.e. Continuous Quotes or Quote Request) by which liquidity will be provided for the structured product;
(18)    where liquidity is provided by Quote Request a telephone number for requesting quotes;
(19)    in the case of a Further Issue, the following additional information:
  (a) the number of units of the Further Issue to be issued;
  (b) the issue price of the Further Issue;
  (c) the closing price of the Existing Issue on either the day on which the Further Issue is launched or, if the Further Issue is launched before trading on the Exchange has ceased for the day, the day preceding the day on which the Further Issue is launched;
  (d)   a statement that the Further Issue forms a single series with the Existing Issue; and
(20)    such other information as the Exchange shall require.
Note:  An announcement may contain the prescribed information in respect of more than one structured product issue provided that all the structured product issues were launched on the same day.