A listing of structured products pursuant to this Chapter must be supported by a listing document. An issuer may use a base listing document supported by a supplemental listing document (see rules 15A.68 to 15A.70) or a "stand alone" listing document.

(1) An issuer using a base listing document may be restricted from launching structured products until the base document has been finalised. One hard copy (dated and signed by a duly authorized officer of the issuer) and one electronic copy of each of the English language version and the Chinese language version of the base listing document must be supplied to the Exchange. If the base listing document is signed by an agent or attorney, a certified copy of the authorisation for such signatory should be provided to the Exchange.
(2) An issuer using a stand alone listing document may be restricted from launching the structured products to which that listing document relates until the Exchange has reviewed a draft of the listing document in a reasonably advanced form.