An issuer may make a further issue or issues of structured products ("Further Issue") to form a single series with a structured product ("Existing Issue") which has been approved for listing by the Exchange. The issuer must comply with the following requirements for a Further Issue:

(1)    An issuer must demonstrate that the terms and conditions of the Existing Issue either permit the Further Issue so as to form a single series with the Existing Issue or have been properly amended so that the right to issue one or more Further Issues is created.
(2) The terms and conditions of the Further Issue and the Existing Issue must be identical.
(3) Drafts of the supplemental agreements amending the instrument, the registrar's agreement or other documents relating to the Existing Issue must be submitted to the Exchange for review.
(4) The issuer shall have regard to the prevailing market conditions and the interests of the holders of the Existing Issue when determining the issue price of the Further Issue.
(5) An issuer may only launch a Further Issue when it holds, at the date of the launch of the Further Issue, no more than 50% of the Existing Issue. An issuer may retain up to 100% of the Further Issue at launch. In calculating the proportion of the total issue retained by an issuer, structured products held by any member of the issuer's group (meaning the issuer and any of the issuer's holding companies, subsidiaries and fellow subsidiaries and any associated company of any of them) for the account of the issuer or for their own respective accounts shall be counted as belonging to the issuer.
(6) Approval to the listing of a Further Issue may be granted by the Executive Director — Listing. The Executive Director — Listing may delegate this power within the Listing Division.
(7) The application procedure for the listing of a Further Issue will follow the same procedure as a listing of structured products. The issuer shall publish a formal announcement regarding the launch of the Further Issue as prescribed in rule 15A.59.
(8) The listing fee prescribed in Appendix 8 for an issue of structured products is applicable and shall be paid by the issuer to the Exchange in respect of each Further Issue.
(9) Where there is a change to the information in the listing document (including any supplemental listing document) for the Existing Issue, a further listing document, which may take the form of a supplemental listing document, must be prepared.