Factors which the Exchange will consider in determining the suitability of structured products which relate to shares listed or dealt in on another regulated, regularly operating, open stock market include, but are not limited to, the following:-

(1) whether the market is regulated on a fair and orderly basis by a body of laws, regulations or rules which are enforced by government or a body having governmental authority, particularly its trading regulations including timely price and volume dissemination;
(2) whether the market has adequate and pre-determined trading hours and days the suspension of which is provided for only by the laws, regulations or rules regulating it;
(3) whether the jurisdiction in which the market is situated restricts foreign investors in the trading of securities listed or dealt in on that market or the remittance of any proceeds from a disposal through, e.g., foreign exchange controls or foreign ownership restrictions;
(4) the quality of the reporting requirements such as the timely reporting of adequate financial information and the price and volume of transactions whether on or off exchange, timely dissemination of inside information and the availability of the foregoing to investors in Hong Kong;
(5) the availability of price information in Hong Kong particularly on a real-time basis; and
(6) the arrangements by the issuer for requesting suspension of trading in the structured products whenever trading in the underlying securities or assets are suspended in the market on which such securities or assets are listed or dealt in.