As soon as practicable after the issue of the listing document but before dealings commence, the following documents must be lodged with the Exchange in respect of a new applicant as a condition for granting listing approval:—

(1) [Repealed 1 October 2013]
(1a) a certified copy of the resolution(s) of the new applicant in general meeting (if any) authorising the issue of all securities for which listing is sought;
(1b) a certified copy of the resolution(s) of the board of directors or other governing body or any other person to whom it has properly delegated these powers (together, in such cases, with a certified copy of the power of attorney or resolution delegating the powers) authorising the issue and allotment of such securities, the making of the application for listing in Form 5A and, the making of all necessary arrangements enabling such securities to be admitted into CCASS, and approving and authorising the issue of the listing document;
(2) the completed company information sheet in Appendix 5F, submitted in the electronic format specified by the Exchange from time to time, for publication on the Exchange’s website, together with a hard copy duly signed by or on behalf of each of the directors of the new applicant;
(3) [Repealed 25 June 2007]
(4) [Repealed 25 June 2007]
(5) [Repealed 25 June 2007]
(6) in the case of a placing involving bookbuilding activities (as defined under the Code of Conduct) in connection with a New Listing by a new applicant:—
(a) a copy of the placing letter and separate marketing statements in Appendix 5D signed by (i) each overall coordinator; (ii) each syndicate member (other than an overall coordinator); (iii) any distributor (other than a syndicate member); and (iv) any Exchange Participant referred to in that Appendix; and
(b) a placee list from each of the relevant parties mentioned in sub-paragraph (a) above, setting out the required information in rule 10.12(5);
(7) a declaration substantially as in Appendix 5E, duly signed by a director and the secretary of the new applicant together with any fee which is payable and which has not previously been paid (see Appendix 9);
(8) a declaration substantially as in Appendix 7I duly completed and signed by each Sponsor and overall coordinator; and
(9) a written declaration, undertaking and acknowledgement, in the relevant form in Appendix 6, duly signed by each director/supervisor and proposed director/supervisor and the contact information as described in rule 5.13A(1) (in the manner prescribed by the Exchange from time to time).