In addition to the documents required under rule 12.22, a new applicant must lodge the following documents with the Exchange at the time of submitting the application for listing:—

(1) [Repealed 1 October 2013]
(2) in respect of each Sponsor to the application for listing, an undertaking and statement of independence under rule 6A.03 in the form in Appendix 7K duly signed on the Sponsor's behalf, and an undertaking and a declaration of interest under rules 6A.21 and 6A.31 in the forms in Appendix 7M and Appendix 7H, both duly signed on the compliance adviser's behalf;
(2a) a written confirmation signed by each director/supervisor that the information in the Application Proof is accurate and complete in all material respects and is not misleading or deceptive;
(2b) a written confirmation and undertaking signed by each director/supervisor and proposed director/supervisor to the following effect:
(i) that the Application Proof referred to in rule 12.22(1) above contains all information about the biographical details of such director/supervisor or proposed director/supervisor as set out in rule 17.50(2) and that those details are true, accurate and complete;
(ii) where, before dealings commence, there are any changes in the biographical details as set out in rule 12.23(2b)(i) above, to inform the Exchange as soon as practicable of such changes; and
(iii) to lodge with the Exchange in accordance with rule 12.26(9) a declaration, undertaking and acknowledgement, in the relevant form in Appendix 6, duly signed by each director/supervisor and proposed director/supervisor and the contact information as described in rule 5.13A(1) (in the manner prescribed by the Exchange from time to time).
If a director/supervisor is appointed after the submission of the listing application form, then the director/supervisor must submit a duly signed written confirmation and undertaking referred to in this sub-rule as soon as he is appointed. The reference to the Application Proof referred to in rule 12.22(1) above in the confirmation and undertaking shall be read as a reference to the relevant draft listing document that contains the biographical details of such director/supervisor;
(3) a certified copy of the new applicant's certificate of incorporation or equivalent document; and
(4)-(5) [Repealed 1 October 2013]
(6) any document as may be required by the Exchange in support of the application for listing.
(a)-(c) [Repealed 1 October 2013]
At least 4 clear business days before the expected hearing date