Introductions will normally be appropriate in the following circumstances:—

(1) where the securities for which listing is sought are already listed on another stock exchange;
(2) where the securities of an issuer are distributed in specie by a listed issuer to the shareholders of that listed issuer or to the shareholders of another listed issuer; or
(3) where a holding company is formed and its securities are issued in exchange for those of one or more listed issuers. Any reorganisation by way of scheme of arrangement or by any other means whereby securities are issued by an overseas issuer in exchange for the securities of one or more listed issuers and the listing of the latter issuer or issuers is withdrawn at the same time as the securities of the overseas issuer are listed must first be approved by a special resolution of the shareholders of the listed issuer or issuers.

Note: Any issuer contemplating an introduction of the type referred to in sub-paragraph (3) is referred to the provisions of rule 24.05(6).