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(a) Composition of the board, by category of directors, including name of chairman, executive directors, non-executive directors and independent non-executive directors;
(b) number of board meetings held during the financial year;
(c) attendance of each director, by name, at the board and general meetings;

1 Subject to the issuer's constitutional documents and the law and regulations of its place of incorporation, attendance by a director at a meeting by electronic means such as telephonic or video-conferencing may be counted as physical attendance.
2 If a director is appointed part way during a financial year, his attendance should be stated by reference to the number of board meetings held during his tenure.
(d) for each named director, the number of board or committee meetings he attended and separately the number of board or committee meetings attended by his alternate. Attendance at board or committee meetings by an alternate director should not be counted as attendance by the director himself;
(e) a statement of the respective responsibilities, accountabilities and contributions of the board and management. In particular, a statement of how the board operates, including a high level statement on the types of decisions taken by the board and those delegated to management;
(f) details of non-compliance (if any) with rules 5.05(1) and (2), and 5.05A and an explanation of the remedial steps taken to address non-compliance. This should cover non-compliance with appointment of a sufficient number of independent non-executive directors and appointment of an independent non-executive director with appropriate professional qualifications, or accounting or related financial management expertise;
(g) reasons why the issuer considers an independent non-executive director to be independent where he/she fails to meet one or more of the guidelines for assessing independence set out in rule 5.09;
(h) relationship (including financial, business, family or other material/relevant relationship(s)), if any, between board members and in particular, between the chairman and the chief executive; and
(i) how each director, by name, complied with A.6.5.