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A PRC issuer shall make available at a place in Hong Kong for inspection by the public and shareholders free of charge, and for copying by shareholders at reasonable charges, the following:—

(1) a complete duplicate register of shareholders;
(2) a report showing the state of the issued share capital of the PRC issuer;
(3) the PRC issuer's latest audited financial statements and the directors', auditors' and supervisors' reports thereon;
(4) special resolutions of the PRC issuer;
(5) reports showing the number and nominal value of securities repurchased by the PRC issuer since the end of the last financial year, the aggregate amount paid for such securities and the maximum and minimum prices paid in respect of each class of securities repurchased (with a breakdown between domestic shares and foreign shares (and, if applicable, H shares));
(6) a copy of the latest annual return filed with the Administration for Industry and Commerce or other competent PRC authority; and
(7) for shareholders only, copies of the minutes of meetings of shareholders.