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The requirements of rule 13.36(1) and (2) are replaced in their entirety by the following provisions:

(a) Except in the circumstances mentioned in rule 13.36(2), the directors of the PRC issuer shall obtain the approval by a special resolution of shareholders in general meeting, and the approvals by special resolutions of holders of domestic shares and overseas listed foreign shares (and, if applicable, H shares) (each being otherwise entitled to vote at general meetings) at separate class meetings conducted in accordance with the PRC issuer's articles of association, prior to authorising, allotting, issuing or granting:—
(i) shares;
(ii) securities convertible into shares; or
(iii) options, warrants or similar rights to subscribe for any shares or such convertible securities.
Note: Importance is attached to the principle that a shareholder should be able to protect his proportion of the total equity by having the opportunity to subscribe for any new issue of equity securities. Accordingly, unless shareholders otherwise permit, all issues of equity securities by the PRC issuer must be offered to the existing shareholders (and, where appropriate, to holders of other equity securities of the PRC issuer entitled to be offered them) pro rata to their existing holdings, and only to the extent that the securities offered are not taken up by such persons may they be allotted or issued to other persons or otherwise than pro rata to their existing holdings. This principle may be waived by the shareholders themselves on a general basis, but only within the limits of rule 13.36(2).
(b) Notwithstanding rule 13.36(2), the directors of the PRC issuer shall obtain the approval by special resolution of the shareholders in general meeting prior to allotting any voting shares if such allotment would effectively alter the control of the PRC issuer.
(2) No such approval as is referred to in rule 13.36(1)(a) shall be required in the case of authorising, allotting or issuing shares if, but only to the extent that,
(a) the existing shareholders of the PRC issuer have by special resolution in general meeting given approval, either unconditionally or subject to such terms and conditions as may be specified in the resolution, for the PRC issuer to authorise, allot or issue, either separately or concurrently once every twelve months, not more than twenty per cent. of each of the existing issued domestic shares and overseas listed foreign shares of the PRC issuer; or
(b) such shares are part of the PRC issuer's plan at the time of its establishment to issue domestic shares and overseas listed foreign shares and which plan is implemented within 15 months from the date of approval by the China Securities Regulatory Commission or such other competent state council securities regulatory authority.

(1) Other than where independent shareholders' approval has been obtained, an issue of securities to a connected person pursuant to a general mandate given under rule 13.36(2) is only permitted in the circumstances set out in rule 14A.92.
(2) The PRC issuer does not have to comply with rule 13.36 if its primary listing is or is to be on another stock exchange and it is not subject to any other statutory or other requirement giving pre-emptive rights to shareholders over further issues of share capital. If the PRC issuer has no domestic shares issued, nor expects to issue domestic shares in the future, the PRC Issuer should consult the Exchange concerning appropriate modifications to the provisions of rule 13.36(2).
(3) Notwithstanding any issue of securities pursuant to a general mandate given under rule 13.36(2), the PRC issuer must at all times comply with the prescribed minimum percentage requirements concerning shares held by the public, as set out in rule 13.32."