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The following modifications and additional requirements apply to the contents of listing documents:

(1) some of the items of information specified in Parts A and B of Appendix 1 may be inappropriate. In such a case, the item should be appropriately adapted so that equivalent information is given;
(2) the listing document must contain a summary of all provisions of the constitutive documents of the PRC issuer in so far as they may affect shareholders' rights and protection and directors' powers (using, and covering at the least, the same subject headings as is required by Section 2 in Part D of Appendix 13 in respect of PRC issuers);
(3) the listing document must contain a summary of the relevant PRC law in a form to be agreed upon by the Exchange on a case by case basis and in the Exchange's absolute discretion; and

Note: In general the relevant PRC law to be summarized normally would be expected to cover matters such as taxation on the PRC issuer's income and capital, tax (if any) deducted on distributions to shareholders, foreign exchange controls or restrictions, company law, securities regulations or other relevant laws or regulations, and any PRC law which regulates or limits the PRC issuer's major business(es) or the industry in which it mainly operates.
(4) the documents to be offered for inspection will be the documents corresponding to those mentioned in paragraph 53 of Part A and paragraph 43 of Part B of Appendix 1. Unless otherwise provided by the Companies (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance, where any such documents are not in the English language, certified English translations thereof must be available for inspection. In addition, where rule 19A.27(3) applies, the PRC issuer must offer for inspection a copy of any statutes or regulations which are relevant to the summary of relevant PRC law. In particular cases, the Exchange may require other additional documents to be offered for inspection.