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If, in the sole opinion of the Exchange, the majority of trading in the overseas issuer's securities is likely to be on the Exchange, then:—

(1) the overseas issuer's primary listing must be on a regulated, regularly operating, open stock market which is recognised for this purpose by the Exchange;
(2) the overseas issuer must have an adequate nexus with that market; and
(3) the primary regulator in that market must have entered into a written agreement with the Exchange governing the parties' respective roles in the regulation of the overseas issuer, in a form acceptable to the Exchange, after prior consultation with the Commission.

Note 1: London Stock Exchange plc and the Irish Stock Exchange Limited are recognised for this purpose by the Exchange. If an overseas issuer's primary listing will be on a different stock market, in these circumstances, then the overseas issuer must satisfy the Exchange that the proposed stock market should be recognised by the Exchange for this purpose.

Note 2: Overseas issuers should note that in these circumstances the Exchange reserves the right to charge the same amounts in listing fees as are payable in the case of a primary listing (see paragraph 11 of Appendix 8).

Note 3: An adequate nexus will be shown where the Exchange is satisfied that there is an established trading market in the overseas issuer's securities in the primary market. In determining whether there is an established trading market the Exchange will normally expect, inter alia, at least 10 per cent. of worldwide trading volume or HK$1 billion of trading by value in the overseas issuer's securities to have taken place on the overseas issuer's primary exchange during the 12 month period preceding the application for a secondary listing.