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The following documents must be submitted to the Exchange before dealings commence:—

(1) a certified copy of the resolution(s) of the board of directors or other governing body or any other person to whom it has properly delegated these powers (together, in such cases, with a certified copy of the power of attorney or resolution delegating the powers) authorising the issue and allotment of such securities, the making of the application for listing in the form set out in Form C1 in Appendix 5, and where applicable, the making of all necessary arrangements enabling such securities to be admitted into CCASS, and approving and authorising the issue of the listing document;
(2) in the case of the placing by a listed issuer of a class of securities new to listing:
(a) a copy of the placing letter and separate marketing statements in the form set out in Form D in Appendix 5, signed by each of: (i) the lead broker; (ii) any distributors; and (iii) any Exchange Participant referred to in paragraph 9 of Appendix 6; and
(b) a list from each placing broker setting out the names, addresses and identity cards or passport numbers (if individuals) and the names, addresses and business registration numbers (if companies) of all its placees, the names and addresses of the beneficial owners of the securities (in the case of nominee companies) and the amounts taken up by each of its placees.
In the case of the placing by a listed issuer of a class of securities already listed, the Exchange may require the issuer to submit information on the placees for the purpose of establishing their independence (see also rule 13.28(7));
(3) in the case of securities issued as consideration for shares in a listed company which are acquired under Division 4 of Part 13 of the Companies Ordinance, a certified copy of the notice given under that section;
(4) if the listing document provides for a capital reduction, scheme of arrangement or similar proposal requiring the approval of the court, a certified copy of the court order and of any certificate of registration issued by the Registrar of Companies or of any equivalent document;
(5) if required, a declaration from the security printers responsible for production of bearer documents of title in accordance with paragraph 25 of Part B of Appendix 2; and
(6) a declaration substantially in the form set out in Form F in Appendix 5, signed by a director and the secretary of the issuer together with any annual listing fee which is payable and which has not previously been paid (see Appendix 8).