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(1) Subject to (2) below the Exchange will not normally consider an application for listing from a new applicant which:—
(a) has changed the period of its financial year during the latest complete financial year (being twelve months) immediately preceding the proposed date of issue of the listing document; or
(b) intends to change the period of its financial year during the period of the profit forecast, if any, or the current financial year, whichever is the longer period.
(2) Notwithstanding (1) above, a subsidiary of the new applicant will normally be permitted to change the period of its financial year provided that:—
(a) the change is to make the subsidiary's financial year coterminous with that of the new applicant;
(b) appropriate adjustments are made in the trading record and profit forecast and such adjustments are fully explained in statements which must be provided to the Exchange; and
(c) adequate disclosure is provided in the listing document and the accountants' report of the reason for the change and the effect of the change on the new applicant's group trading record or profit forecast.