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In every other case, a formal notice stating the following information must be published on the GEM website in accordance with Chapter 16 not less than 2 clear business days before dealings commence:—

(1) the name and country of incorporation or other establishment of the issuer;
(2) the name and country of incorporation or other establishment of the guarantor, in the case of a guaranteed issue;
(3) the amount and title of the debt securities for which listing is sought;
(4) the address(es) at which copies of the listing document (if any) are available to the public;

Note: Where the issuer intends to rely on the Class Exemption Notice to make a Mixed Media Offer referred to in rule 29.21B(1), rule 29.21B(2) replaces this sub-rule.
(5) the date of publication of the notice;
(6) in the case of tap issues, the total amount of the debt securities which would be issued under such an arrangement;
(7) in the case of a placing, the names of the issuing houses involved in the placing;
(8) a statement that application has been made to the Exchange for listing of and permission to deal in the debt securities;
(9) a statement that the formal notice appears for information purposes only and does not constitute an invitation or offer to acquire, purchase or subscribe for debt securities;
(10) the date upon which dealings in the debt securities are expected to commence; and
(11) in the case of an offer for sale or an offer for subscription a statement that applications will only be considered on the basis of the listing document.