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References in the GEM Listing Rules to informing or notifying the Exchange mean, unless the context requires otherwise, that the information must be either:—

(1) delivered in hard copy or in an electronic format as specified by the Exchange to The Listing Division, 11th Floor, One International Finance Centre, 1 Harbour View Street, Central, Hong Kong; or
(2) sent by electronic means (in the format specified by the Exchange) to The Listing Division at its electronic mail address, as specified from time to time; or
(3) sent by facsimile copy to The Listing Division on 2295-3599,

or to such other address or number as may be announced by the Exchange from time to time or in such other manner as may be determined and promulgated by the Exchange from time to time. In addition, a hard copy of such information must be provided to the Exchange if requested by the Exchange.