Past version: effective from 31/12/2015 - 30/09/2020
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The listed issuer shall prepare, in respect of each of the first 6 months of each financial year of the listed issuer, either (i) a half-year report, or (ii) a summary half-year report containing at least the information required by rules 18.55 and 18.82, respectively and publish the same (in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 16) not later than 45 days after the end of such period. The listed issuer may send a copy of its summary half-year report to a member and a holder of its listed securities in place of a copy of its half-year report, provided that such summary half-year report complies with the relevant provisions of the Companies (Summary Financial Reports) Regulation governing summary financial reports.


1 Newly listed issuers will be required to prepare and publish the relevant half-year report or summary half-year report (irrespective of whether the period in question ends on a date before or after the date on which dealings in the securities of the listed issuer commenced) where the 45-day deadline for publishing the report falls after the date on which dealings in the securities of the listed issuer commenced. In the event that the results for the period in question (whether audited or not) have been included in the prospectus for the purpose of applying for a listing on the Exchange, there will be no obligation separately to publish the results.
2 The figures in each half-year report and summary half-year report are the sole responsibility of the directors and they must ensure that the accounting policies applied to the figures are consistent with those applied to annual financial statements. If a change in the financial year is proposed, the Exchange should be consulted as to the period or periods to be covered by the half-year reports or summary half-year reports.