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  • Accounting standards (18.04-18.06)

    • 18.04

      Annual financial statements of a listed issuer are required, subject to rule 18.06, to conform with HKFRS, IFRS or CASBE in the case of a PRC issuer that has adopted CASBE for the preparation of its annual financial statements.
      Note:    The issuer must apply one of these bodies of standards consistently and shall not normally change from one body of standards to the other unless there are reasonable grounds to justify such change. All reasons for any such change must be disclosed in the annual financial statements.

    • 18.05 [Repealed]

      [Repealed 1 January 2022]

    • 18.06

      The Exchange may allow the annual financial statements of any overseas issuer to be drawn up otherwise than in conformity with financial reporting standards referred to in rule 18.04 (see the requirements set out in rule 24.18A).