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  • Trading halt or trading suspension

    • 17.11A

      Without prejudice to the Exchange's ability to direct the halt, suspension and resumption of trading in an issuer's listed securities, an issuer must, as soon as reasonably practicable, apply for a trading halt or a trading suspension in any of the following circumstances where an announcement cannot be made promptly:

      (1) it has information which must be disclosed under rule 17.10; or
      (2) it reasonably believes that there is inside information which must be disclosed under the Inside Information Provisions; or
      (3) circumstances exist where it reasonably believes or it is reasonably likely that confidentiality may have been lost in respect of inside information which:
      (a) is the subject of an application to the Commission for a waiver; or
      (b) falls within any of the exceptions to the obligation to disclose inside information under the Inside Information Provisions in section 307D(2) of the SFO.

      Note: An issuer does not need to disclose inside information under the Rules if disclosure of the information is exempted under the Inside Information Provisions.

    • Dual listing disclosure obligation (17.12)

      • 17.12

        An issuer must announce any information released to any other stock exchange on which its securities are listed at the same time as the information is released to that other exchange.

    • Disclosure of information released by a listed subsidiary (17.13)

      • 17.13

        Where a subsidiary of the issuer listed on another stock exchange or securities market releases information on that stock exchange or in that securities market, the issuer must ensure that such information is announced as soon as practicable thereafter, irrespective of any obligation on the issuer to announce under the GEM Listing Rules or otherwise.