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  • Introduction (17.06-17.09)

    • 17.06

      (1) The Exchange has a duty under section 21 of the Securities and Futures Ordinance to ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, an orderly, informed and fair market.
      (2) The Inside Information Provisions impose statutory obligations on listed issuers and their directors to disclose inside information as soon as reasonably practicable after the information has come to the listed issuers' knowledge, and gives the Commission the responsibility for enforcing those obligations. The Commission has issued Guidelines on Disclosure of Inside Information. The Exchange will not give guidance on the interpretation or operation of the SFO or the Guidelines.
      (3) Where the Exchange becomes aware of a possible breach of the Inside Information Provisions, it will refer it to the Commission. The Exchange will not itself take disciplinary action under the GEM Listing Rules unless the Commission considers it not appropriate to pursue the matter under the SFO and the Exchange considers action under the Rules for a possible breach of the Rules appropriate.

    • 17.07

      (1) This Chapter identifies circumstances in which an issuer must disclose information to the public. These are not alternatives to, and do not in any way detract from, the statutory disclosure obligation found in the Inside Information Provisions.
      (2) The Exchange may require the issuer to make an announcement or halt trading in its listed securities where it considers it appropriate to preserve or ensure an orderly, informed and fair market.
      (3) The Exchange, in discharge of its duty under section 21 of the SFO, will monitor the market, make enquiries when it considers them appropriate or necessary, and may halt trading in an issuer's securities in accordance with the GEM Listing Rules as required.

    • 17.07A

      An issuer and its directors must take all reasonable steps to maintain strict confidentiality of inside information until it is announced.

    • 17.07B

      An issuer must not divulge any information in such a way as to place in a privileged dealing position any person or class or category of persons. It must not release any information in such a way that Exchange transactions may be entered into at prices which do not reflect the latest available information.

    • 17.08

      An issuer and its directors must seek to ensure that dealings do not take place between parties one of whom does not have inside information which the other possesses.

    • 17.09

      To maintain high standards of disclosure, the Exchange may require an issuer to announce further information, and impose additional requirements on it, where the Exchange considers that circumstances so justify. However, the Exchange will allow the issuer to make representations before imposing any requirements on it which are not imposed on listed issuers generally. The issuer must comply with the additional requirements failing which the Exchange may itself publish the information available to it. Conversely, the Exchange may waive, modify or not require compliance with any specific obligations in this Chapter in a particular case, but may require the issuer to enter into an agreement or undertaking as a condition of any dispensation.