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  • Open Market Requirements

    • 18B.05

      Rule 8.08(2) is modified to require that, for each class of securities new to listing by a SPAC, at the time of listing, there must be an adequate spread of holders of the securities to be listed which must, in all cases, be at least 75 Professional Investors, of whom at least 20 must be Institutional Professional Investors and such Institutional Professional Investors must hold at least 75% of the securities to be listed.
      Note:   A SPAC must meet all other open market requirements applicable to a new listing, including the requirements of rule 8.08(1) that at least 25% of its total number of issued shares (and 25% of its total number of issued warrants) are at all times held by the public (see rule 8.24) and rule 8.08(3) that not more than 50% of the securities in public hands (see rule 8.24) at the time of listing can be beneficially owned by the three largest public shareholders.