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  • General conditions applicable to all issuers

    • 11.05

      The issuer must be duly incorporated or otherwise established under the laws of the place where it is incorporated or otherwise established and must be in conformity with those laws, including all such laws relevant to the allotment and issue of securities, and with its memorandum and articles of association or equivalent documents. The issuer must demonstrate how the domestic laws, rules and regulations to which it is subject and its constitutional documents, in combination, provide the shareholder protection standards set out in Appendix 3. In addition PRC issuers must also comply with Part C of Appendix 11.

    • 11.05A

      Each of the statutory securities regulator of an issuer’s jurisdiction of incorporation and the statutory securities regulator of the place of central management and control must be a full signatory to the IOSCO MMOU. This is to enable the Commission to seek regulatory assistance and information from overseas statutory securities regulators to facilitate the Commission’s investigations and enforcement actions where an issuer has its records, business operations, assets and management outside Hong Kong.

    • 11.05B

      The Exchange may waive rule 11.05A in an individual case only with the Commission’s explicit consent having regard to whether there are adequate arrangements to enable the Commission to access financial and operational information (such as books and records) on an issuer’s business in the relevant place of incorporation and place of central management and control for its investigation and enforcement purposes.

    • 11.06

      (1) Both the issuer and its business must, in the opinion of the Exchange, be suitable for listing. Without limiting the generality of this rule, an issuer will not be regarded as suitable for listing if its group's assets consist wholly or substantially of cash and/or short-term investments (as defined in the notes to rule 19.82).
      (2) Cash and/or short-term investments held by a member of an issuer's group that is a banking company (as defined in rule 20.86), an insurance company (as defined in rule 19.04) or a securities house (as defined in rule 19.04) will normally not be taken into account when applying rule 11.06(1).
      Note: This exemption will not apply to an issuer that operates a securities house where the Exchange has concerns that the issuer is holding cash and short-term investments through a member to circumvent rule 11.06(1). For example, an issuer holding excessive cash and/or securities investments cannot circumvent the rule by holding such assets through a member that is a licensed broker with minimal brokerage operations. The Exchange will apply a principle based approach and consider, among others, the cash and/or short-term investments in light of the member’s operating model and its cash needs for the purpose of its regulated activities, which should be substantiated by its historical track record.

    • 11.07

      The issuer must have persons appointed to the following offices and, or to perform the following roles and the issuer must ensure that such persons have satisfied the following rules prior to appointment:—

      (1) directors — rules 5.02 and 5.05;
      (2) company secretary — rule 5.14;
      (3) compliance officer — rule 5.19;
      (4) authorised representatives — rule 5.24; and
      (5) members of the audit committee — rules 5.28 and 5.29.

    • 11.08

      The issuer must either be an approved share registrar or employ an approved share registrar to maintain in Hong Kong its register of members.

    • 11.09

      Issuers must comply with Chapter 6A, in particular, with respect to the appointment of a Sponsor and a Compliance Adviser.

    • 11.10

      A new applicant and, if required pursuant to rule 7.01, a listed issuer must have an accountants' report prepared in accordance with Chapter 7, covering (subject to rule 11.14) in the case of a new applicant, at least the 2 financial years immediately preceding the issue of the listing document.

      Note: The accountants' report must cover a trading record period of at least the 2 financial years preceding the issue of the listing document in the case of a new applicant described in rule 11.12A. For general guidance, where the issuer has a longer operating history of more than two years, the Exchange would encourage voluntary disclosure of three years of financial results in the accountants' report.