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    • 11.01

      This Chapter sets out the basic conditions which have to be met as a pre-requisite to the listing of equity securities. They apply to every method of listing and to both new applicants and listed issuers except where otherwise stated. Further conditions which have to be met by overseas issuers and PRC issuers are set out in Chapters 24 and 25. Issuers are reminded:—

      (1) that these requirements are not exhaustive and that the Exchange may impose additional requirements in any particular case; and
      (2) that the Exchange retains an absolute discretion to accept or reject applications for listing and that compliance with the relevant conditions may not of itself ensure an applicant's suitability for listing.

      Prospective issuers, and in particular new applicants, are therefore encouraged to contact the Exchange to seek informal and confidential guidance as to the eligibility of a proposed issue for listing at the earliest possible opportunity.

      Note: Queries should be addressed to the Listing Division and should, so far as practicable, be made by the Sponsor (other than in circumstances where the issuer is not required to have (or does not otherwise retain) a Sponsor).

    • 11.02

      A listed issuer shall, prior to their issue, apply for the listing of any further securities which are of the same class as securities al listed and shall not issue such securities unless approval for the listing of those securities has been granted by the Exchange.

    • 11.03

      A new applicant will not be rendered unsuitable for listing on the grounds that any director or shareholder has an interest in a business which competes or may compete with the new applicant's business.

    • 11.04

      Full and accurate disclosure of any business or interest of each director, controlling shareholder and, in relation only to the initial listing document, substantial shareholder and the respective close associates of each that competes or may compete with the business of the group and any other conflicts of interest which any such person has or may have with the group must be disclosed in each listing document and circular required pursuant to the GEM Listing Rules (excluding any Explanatory Statement issued pursuant to rule 13.08) and in the annual report and accounts, half-year report and quarterly reports of the listed issuer.


      1 [Repealed 3 June 2010]
      2 Each of the documents referred to in this rule is required to set out the interests of directors and, in relation only to the initial listing document, substantial shareholders (including the interests of their respective close associates) under a specific heading and both the heading and information must be given suitable prominence within the document.
      3 Of the interests required to be disclosed pursuant to this rule, a director or substantial shareholder must include any directorship or ownership of an entity engaged in a business which competes or is likely to compete with the business of the group. The disclosure should include the name of each such entity, the nature of its business and details of the directorship and/or ownership of the issuer's directors and substantial shareholders and their respective close associates in such entity.
      4 See also paragraph 27A of Appendix 1A.