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  • Application Procedures and Requirements

    • 19C.09B

      The following modifications apply:—
      (1)    for rules 9.09, 9.11(3a), 9.11(3b), 9.11(17b), 9.11(28), 9.11(38) and 9.20(1) the references to directors should be read as references to members of the overseas issuer’s governing body;
      (2)    the one signed copy of the listing document lodged with the Exchange pursuant to rule 9.11(29)(a) may be signed by two members of the overseas issuer’s governing body or by their agents authorised in writing rather than by or on behalf of every director or proposed director; and
      (3)    the declaration and undertaking to be lodged under rule 9.11(38) may require adjustment by virtue of the laws to which the overseas issuer is subject.