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  • Introduction

    • 10.17

      An introduction is an application for listing of securities al in issue where no marketing arrangements are required because the securities for which listing is sought are al of such an amount and so widely held that their adequate marketability when listed can be assumed.

    • 10.18

      Introductions will normally be appropriate in the following circumstances:—

      (1) where the securities for which listing is sought are al listed on another stock exchange;
      (2) where the securities of an issuer are distributed in specie by a listed issuer to the shareholders of that listed issuer or to the shareholders of another listed issuer; or
      (3) where a holding company is formed and its securities are issued in exchange for those of one or more listed issuers. Any reorganisation by way of scheme of arrangement or by any other means whereby securities are issued by an overseas issuer in exchange for the securities of one or more listed issuers and the listing of the latter issuer or issuers is withdrawn at the same time as the securities of the overseas issuer are listed must first be approved by a special resolution of the shareholders of the listed issuer or issuers.

      Note: Any issuer contemplating an introduction of the type referred to in sub-paragraph (3) is referred to the provisions of rule 24.05(6).

    • 10.19

      An introduction will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances if there has been a marketing of the securities in Hong Kong within the 6 months prior to the proposed introduction where such marketing was made conditional on listing being granted for those securities. Furthermore, there may be other factors, such as a pre-existing intention to dispose of securities, a likelihood of significant public demand for the securities or an intended change of the issuer's circumstances, which would render an introduction unacceptable to the Exchange. An introduction will not be permitted if a change in the nature of the business is in contemplation.

    • 10.20

      An issuer should apply to the Exchange as early as possible to obtain confirmation that an introduction will be an appropriate method of listing. The application must state the names and holdings of the ten largest beneficial holders of the securities (if known) and the total number of holders. A copy of the share register may be required by the Exchange. In addition, particulars of the holdings of the directors and their close associates must be included. If such approval to the method of listing is given, it does not necessarily mean that listing for the securities will ultimately be granted.

    • 10.21

      An introduction must be supported by a listing document which must comply with the relevant requirements of Chapter 14.

    • 10.22

      Introductions require compliance with the publication requirements set out in rule 16.08.